Calling all friends and fam! Our dearest Eric will be turning 30 this December!
A monumental birthday deserves a very special memory, and that is what I'm looking to give him for his 30th Birthday/Christmas gift. 

Turning 30 for Eric means: graduating from grad school with a Poetry MFA, finishing his first full length poetry manuscript, TAing a class for the first time, putting out a 7th chapbook with his business partner/friend Nick and their small press (Ursus Americanus), having his first chapbook published by The operating System Press, and successfully not dying from anxiety or a rare health condition yet!

My goal: Pick Eric up from work on Sunday afternoon, unknowingly bring him to the airport, and take him away to Paris or Montreal for two days to celebrate him in a special place he loves. 

Here is where you guys come in: Because I want this to be a complete surprise and gift, I am attempting to pay for the whole trip myself, which is a little tricky. If you would like to make a contribution to Eric's 30th Birthday gift, it would help make this surprise a possibility! 
If you are unable, or also just don't want to contribute, No worries! But I will ask you to think about including yourself in the following...

If you both do or don't decide to contribute: Please give a note/message I can include in a birthday card from all of us so he knows we all not only love him, but contributed in some way to giving him a very special birthday.

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